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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post 26: Willamette U. - M.A.T. Workshop

Drew Hinds and Chris Brantley (MAT instructors) invited me to do a mini-workshop which I titled "Blogging and other Web2.0 tools in Education." Too much to discuss in too little time, but I got the vision out there and the MAT group is already running with it.

Sara (one of the MAT students) assisted in creating a MAT group Blog to post their Community Service experiences (rather than the original plan of passing around emails). They also created a second Blog to open up discussions and support from within their group. Very impressive!

MAT Web2.0 Agenda of my presentation follows:
  1. Welcome (and cell phone <-> blog demo)
  2. Web2.0 discussion and demonstrations
    • Share some current world statistics -> Relate to Todays Kids -> Web2.0
  3. Web2.0 Tools (
    • Google Docs (word, sheets, presentation) and share/publish/post
      • CatzWalk, Clothing, Delicious, E-LearningPresentation
    • (social bookmarking) and OSLIS (cite referencing)
    • Voice-Thread and avBlogger Audio Recorder
  4. Blogging Demonstrations
    • Teacher Demo's:
      • Blogology (post #2) and Dale, Doug, Kristin; bj-workshops (post #16)
    • Building a Blog (post #21)
      • Create, Post, Modify


Sara said...

Hello Barry,

I really enjoyed your presentation at Willamette the other weekend. It gave me a lot of great ideas about technology. I look forward to trying them out.

Based on some of your ideas, we in the Aspire 09 class have chosen to use a blog format to share our community service experiences rather than the original suggestion of a large, circulating email. It's here if you'd like to see it:

We also started a blog for all MAT students at Willamette. I am not sure a blog is the very best format, but I also don't know how to create/operate message boards and everyone is pretty comfortable with blogs from your discussion. If you'd like to see that, it is here:

Thank you so much for your helpful ideas! We all really enjoyed hearing you speak to us.

>>>Sara Coffey

MAT Aspire 09, Willamette University

BJ said...

Thanks for the feedback. The greatest compliment any educator can receive is when others take some of their ideas and run with them! Your two new MAT blogs look terrific.