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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Post 10: Google Docs & Peer Editing

OK --- Google Docs is exceeding my expectations. Better take this Web2.0 App seriously.

  • I just spent the last 30 minutes synchronously co-editing with the author of a new online PE/Health course. The author/creator posted the Syllabus as a Document in Google Docs and sent me an invite to co-edit.
  • We're literally watching each other type as words appear on the screen.
  • I used the built-in spell checker and Saved, and she added colored-notes for my opinion on certain topics. We continued to update based on each other notes and suggestions.
  • Both of us noticed the changes instantly and neither of us lost any of our updates. Geez --- how do they do that?
  • This is just too cool to put into words.
  • A revision button let's us look back at previous versions all the way to its conception.
  • Had we sent attachments back and forth this would have taken forever.
  • And here is a Circuit Training Journal Spreadsheet that was created in Google Docs. I just hit Publish and it's available for everyone to view!
  • And don't forget about their new Presentation tool (virtual version of Powerpoint).
  • And when we were done, I simply hit File, export to .pdf and .html to offer students other view options.
  • One click to Post this doc to a Blog.
-> Google Docs demo (Student Project).

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