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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Post 11: iPhone post to Blog

I'm cruising the countryside in central Michigan and experimenting with my sons new iPhone (he's driving, of course). Amazing, innovative, incredible tool.

  • Used the iPhone Maps feature (map and linear instructions) to direct us to a small music store and arrived without a glitch.
  • Opened up the iPhone Browser and processed my Email. Connection speed wasn't the greatest, but what can one expect in central Michigan.
  • While in the browser, I opened up my Blog and posted this.
  • We also used the iPhone to watch a full length movie . This device has the highest resolution of any device currently on the market.
  • Also listened to music (8 gigs holds alot of songs --- and data, too).
  • Of course this device works anywhere (either WiFi or satellite).
Who needs a laptop when traveling?

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