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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Post 13: YackPack Live Voice (Chat Tool)

1-touch, 2-Way Audio. Fully Web 2.0.

  • Another great feature of YackPack is a live voice tool they call Walkie Talkie Widget.
  • Schedule a time to have everybody meet at your Blog (or website) and hold a Live-conference or work session?
  • Simply press the 'Live' Button to Talk. Everybody else listens.
    (the image in this Post is just a picture. Use full LiveVoice button at top of Blog)
  • Take turns, or talk all at once. It's Live, it's easy, and it's a great tool for collaboration.
A demo of this tool is located at the top of the vertical navigation bar in this blog.

Talk LIVE to anyone currently viewing our blog. It as simple as: 1) Speakers turned on to Listen; 2) Microphone turned on to talk, and 3) Press the LIVE! button and begin talking. Voice over IP technology is wonderful.

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