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Monday, October 8, 2007

Post 15: Ustream.TV (live broadcasting)

If you have a webcam and a microphone then here's a great tool for live andio and video broadcasting to a worldwide audience. If you don't have a webcam, then UStream still broadcast (like a radio) using only audio (voice).

One feature I especially like (besides being fully web-based and free) is the ability to record your broadcasts (video and/or audio only) which can then be posted to your blog or website for playback at any time.

  • It's SPAM free, Safe and Secure Site, Parental Controls for Minors, Privacy Settings - Puts You In Control, and ZERO tolarence for Inappropriate Behavior.
  • Once you're registered, this tool is as simple as hitting 4 buttons: Start Broadcast, Start Recording, Stop Recording, Stop Broadcasting.
Use your imagination for educational applications, including:
  • Daily or Weekly Live Broadcasting (invite others to watch and listen).
  • Record and deliver a speech; Playback and re-record until it's perfect; then submit it (the URL) to your instructor. If you record using the video (as well as the audio) it's like giving it live in front of an audience you don't have to look at :)
  • Record your foreign language words/phrases, practice, and submit to your instructor.
  • Record a F2F interview (Live and/or recorded) and post on your Blog or Webpage.

Here's a link to my UStream video's. It's pretty empty, but I wanted you to see the options.

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