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Monday, October 8, 2007

Post 14: (delicious) Social Bookmarking is a social bookmarking website, which means it is designed to allow you to store and share your favorites/bookmarks on the web instead of inside your browser.
Here's a great 3 minute video that says it all.

  • This has huge advantages, as you can now access your bookmarks from anywhere, anytime, no matter whether you're at home, in a library, on a friends computer, or accessing the Internet from your cell phone, Blackberry, or iPhone.
  • Second, you can choose to share some (or all) of your bookmarks publicly so friends and co-workers can view them for reference, amusement, collaboration, or anything else.
  • Simply enter the URL and as many 'tag' descriptors as you wish and let them do the managing. You can place their Toolbar on your browser, or go to their website, login, and voila -> there sit all your favorite sites.
  • Another beauty of this tool is their use of tagging. When you use their tool to add a Favorite/Bookmark it is called tagging. You enter key words to describe the site. Then, to locate the site in the future, simply use their 'Search' box and type in any key word(s) and voila -> guaranteed to locate the link you're looking for.
  • Awesome tool --- go sign up now at

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