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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Post 22: E-Learning Workshops

Web2.0 Tools, Tips and Topics in the E-Learning World
Nov. 5, 2007 Newport, Or. Conference Flyer and Jan. 16, 2008

__ 1. Welcome Newport HS staff.

__ 2. Begin with small slide show (via Google Docs Presentation tool)

__ 3. Demonstrate a few Web2.0 Tools - with Tips and Topics (via my Google Blog)
__ 4. Follow-up workshop on Blogging. Leave with your Blog up and running!


Mr. Moses said...

Barry - How'd the presentation go? The resources are great! Things went well in Louisville. Finally got a wiki set-up for myself (, wish I would have had it before I submitted for NECC and NCCE... :)

BJ said...

The presentation was exciting and very effective. Participants left with lots of possibilities --- and I've had quite a few Districts request my services for upcoming in-service days. Thanks for asking, and good luck at NECC and NCCE.